RIEDEL Sommeliers Vintage Port 4400/60

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Country: Austria
Type: Spirits
Volume: 250 ccm
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Port vintages are declared individually by each producer, depending on the year. After a relatively short time in oak the port is transferred to age in bottles, whose labels indicate the year of its harvest. Due to its high levels of concentration, residual sugars and alcohol, vintage port is able to preserve its freshness and fruit over many decades.

This glass helps to bring out the classic aromas of vintage port: blackcurrant, pepper, truffles and smoky notes. These aromas can sometimes be masked by the pungency of port's high alcoholic content - an effect that the small, slender shape of the glass succeeds in avoiding. All the luscious, fresh red fruit is brought to the fore, with acidity and tannins blending together in sweet harmony in the mouth. A pleasantly lingering aftertaste rounds off the delightful experience of drinking a good vintage port from this finely tuned instrument.

All Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the fact that these glasses are handmade, tiny bubbles, slight imperfections, surface variations, and small tolerances in the size and weight of each glass, are an acceptable part of the process.

READ LESS Ideal for following grapes: Colheita, LBV (Late Bottled Vintage), Madeira, Marsala, Noilly Prat, Tawny Port, Vinsanto, Vintage Port

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