Riedel Decanter Black Tie Face To Face 4100/13

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Mouth blown, handmade. The graceful, soaring decanter features two concave profiles facing one another in the interior of the vessel. These are the profiles of the 11th generation Riedels, Laetizia and Maximilian. This innovative element doubles as both a bold design and as paddles. By shaking the wine until a foam cap develops, it achieves the maximum effect of oxygen on young tannins. The result is more satisfying, intense fruitiness on the mid-palate and a more rounded texture. The Black Tie Face to Face is 'free blown', meaning the glass blower forms it by hand without the aid of a mold. A rod of black crystal (colored by manganese oxide) is introduced while the glass is molten. The length of the hollow glass piece is determined by the arm span of the glass blower.
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