Contratto Aperitif NV 1000ml (13.5% Alc)

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Product Code: ITCT0512-NV
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Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Type: Spirits
Alcohol: 13.50%
Volume: 1000ml
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The original recipe from 1935 for Contratto Aperitif is based on a combination of 28 delicately infused premium natural herbs, spices, roots and seeds and Italian Brandy. A traditional process of slow cold maceration is used to create a sophisticated, all natural elixir and a complex and well balanced boutique aperitif that will make any Contratto Aperitif based cocktail an exceptional experience.

Aperitif is meant to be mixed. Add soda for sparkling wine, or lemon or lime or rhubarb juice for a refreshing low alcohol drink. Add vodka or gin and vermouth for a more substantial cocktail.

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