CELLARMASTERxBEATO: Alie Rose Wine Gift Styling

Attention all Wine Collectors and Drinkers!

If you love a silky wine with a deep burst of fruity flavor mixed with a strong aftertaste over dinner, the Alie Rose 2018 is made especially for you!

Limited to only 60 sets! This Alie Rose Wine Giftstyling is the perfect gift for a mother who craves a substantial wine shared with her son/daughter.

Gift set 1

Price Tag ($180) | Set include:
-Limited Edition Wine Glasses
-Limited Edition Candle Holder
-Floral Styling

Color: The Alie 2018 stands out for its extreme sensuality. Its pale pink color with peace nuances immediately expresses its intriguing personality.

Scent: The sharp and unmistakable bouquet floods the senses with intoxicating Mediterranean aromas that meld with the fragrances of fresh and ripe fruit. September peach burst forth followed by floral notes with subtle scents of rose. The result is an extremely mellow, fine and elegant lose.

Palate: In the mouth, the fruity notes return, with the addition of captivating touches of citrus such as pink grapefruit. Little by little, a tangy undertone elegantly makes its entrance into this whirlwind of flavor sensations.

Review: Alie 2018 is full, silky and deep, with an after-taste that explodes in a succession of fresh and persistent aromas.

Gift style 1

Gift style 2

White Phalaenopsis
Pink Eustoma
White and Pink Rose Spray
Rice Flowers

In exclusive partnership between Beato & Cellarmaster.

Every bottle a memory worth sharing. Every sip a fantasy to get lost in. Here's to sipping your stress away during quarintine...

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